first-postIt might be still partially covered in snow, or a sore sight after the winter we have just endured here in Kennebunkport, but with a bit of work you can help bring your lawn back to life.  You may see a fair amount of thatch.  Thatch is a normal accumulation of  organic matter.  In small amounts the thatch layer is beneficial to your lawn as it is full of  nutrients and microorganisms.

In a healthy lawn the thatch layer could be up to 1 inch thick, but if the thatch has accumulated to more than 1 inch, you will need to remove it before you can attempt any other lawn care projects.  This can be done with a good hand raking or with a dethatching machine.  The reason for this is that anything you add, such as new seed or fertilizer, will simply sit on top of the thatch rather than getting into the soil.  Once the lawn has been de-thatched you can add your fertilizer.  This helps the lawn to recover from winter stress.  Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control should also be applied during this step.

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