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COVID-19 Update

March 27, 2020

With the continued spread of COVID-19, times become more concerning for all of us. Terrapin Landscapes wants to assure you that we are prepared to serve you and your property safely.  After consulting with the our government and industry leaders to confirm our services are essential, we will continue to perform horticulture and construction services as they are needed.  Since our business plays a critical role in the integrity of many landscapes keeping our work space outdoors, we seamlessly adapted our practice to follow the strict CDC guidelines.  Here is a list of what we are doing here to keep our staff, work place and clients safe: Keeping a safe 6 foot distance or more from others at all times When two employees MUST work in closer proximity, they are working as a dedicated twosome always One person per company vehicle Employees are driving alone in their personal vehicle to a job site Less than 10 employees working in a day Staggered employee visits to the shop The shop is closed to clients Employees are going straight to the job site whenever possible without stopping at shop Employees will stay home if they are sick Daily or more disinfecting...

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Landscaping with Dogs in Mind: Making Your Yard Work for Everyone in Your Family

March 17, 2020

The Terrapin Landscapes team are true dog lovers and nothing makes us happier than clients who come to us hoping to make more dog-friendly landscape decisions. Hardscaping and landscaping for dogs means thinking about safety, usability, and aesthetics from your pup’s perspective—and no one turns landscapes and hardscapes into dogscapes quite like Terrapin.   #1: PATHWAYS The best dog-friendly backyard designs create opportunities for dogs to do what they do best— protect their people—while making sure that dogs are contained and protected while they play outdoors. For that reason, most dog-friendly landscapes incorporate some form of fencing around all or part of the yard.  Traditional fences can frustrate dogs by keeping them from monitoring what they see as potential threats. No matter what their breed, dogs are, to some degree, territorial. They naturally want to keep a watchful eye on your property and your family. Our designers can show you attractive fencing options that offer privacy while providing ways for your dogs to see passersby and keep a wary eye on the wider world. We’ve even helped clients create “portholes” in fencing their pups can peek through! Terrapin Landscapes designers know that planting near fence lines will also frustrate...

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