The 2017 Maine Flower Show was a success for Terrapin. When Terrapin Landscapes was asked to build a display at The Maine Flower Show, there was no hesitation. It sounded like a lot of fun to do what you love and showcase it. The time and effort that went into this by our staff was immeasurable, but we were right… they truly enjoyed it! We are thankful for each of them and are proud of what they accomplished. As a result, Terrapin Landscapes took home 3 awards from the judges:

Best Use of Native Plants, Best Theme and Best in Show!

The display was titled ‘Somewhere in Maine’ and the description below says it perfectly because it truly felt like you could have been anywhere in our beautiful state of Maine… 

“Maine is known for its jagged, rocky coastline, low rolling mountains, heavily forested interior, and picturesque granite and spruce covered islands. This garden design was meant to encourage the sustainable utilization of the unique characteristics of Maine. The use of native plants and natural occurring stone is intended to create a landscape that works in harmony with Maine’s natural richness to not only provide relaxation, but also encourage long term enjoyment and the continued ecological health of the site.”


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