The 2018 Maine Flower Show

2018 Maine Flower Show

Last month, we participated in the Maine Flower Show on Thompson’s Point. We really enjoy showing off our landscape expertise to many Mainer’s who are itching to see green grass and blossomed flowers.

This year the theme was “Rooted in Maine.” A concept that evoked our desire to showcase the pride we have in our craftsmanship and horticulture activity. Our goal was to create a dining space that transported the visitor to a bouldered oasis at the base of their favorite Maine mountain, whether that be Cadillac or Bradberry. The stonework provided the framework for a landscape engulfed innative plants and trees, while the hand-carved bird bath boulder allowed the bystander to envision a place of respite for animals and avium, alike. At the end of the weekend, Terrapin Landscapes and partners walked away with six awards which set a new Maine Flower Show record!

If you were at the show, you were able to read the description of the display, if you missed it, here is what the display read;

“Maine is a unique place that is defined by rugged beauty and the character of its people and their traditions. The tools of the Maine woodsman, mason, farmer, and fisherman are clean and simple, as are the lines of country homes, row crops, stone walls and lobster boats. This garden was built as a tribute to Maine’s rich and colorful past filled with independent people, craftsmen and entrepreneurs who built towns and founded businesses, so they could live life the way they believed it should be lived.”

Awards Won at 2018 Flower Show
• The Designers Task Award
• The Theme Award
• Maine Grown Plants Award
• The Woody Ornamental Award
• Pollinator Award
• The Natural Stone Award

Terrapin Landscapes Flower Show Partners
During the 2018 Flower show, we worked with a few different vendors in order to bring our award-winning (and record-setting) display to life. We couldn’t have done it without a great supporting cast!

Pierson Nurseries 
Pierson Nurseries, located in Biddeford, Maine, specializing in herbaceous and woody wetland and native plants used in commercial property, residential neighborhoods, and creation of wetland areas. To contact Pierson Nurseries, you can give them a call at (207) 499-2994 or visit their website.

Rockport Granite Inc. 
Rockport Granite is a full range stone supplier and fabricator in which they do all the production and fabricating in their Camden, Maine facility. There is no project big or small that they cannot take on. Did we mention that they also do interior work with granite, marble, and glass as well? Looking for some granite for your home or business? Give Rockport Granite a call (207) 230-7325.

New England Specialty Stone
New England Specialty Stone gives Maine homeowners hardscapes inspirations that fit their unique yard. From wallstones to veneer stone. The creativity that NESS possess is second to none. If your yard is looking for a hardscape facelift, feel free to contact them at 207-489-9266 or visit them at their Cumberland, Maine showroom.

Terrence J. DeWan & Associates 
We were very excited to work with Terrence J. DeWan and Associates as they were the landscapes and architects behind “Rooted in Maine.” From site planning to visual assessments, these guys can do it all. If you are looking for a complete yard or land overhaul, these landscape planners know how to bring a piece of land to life. Visit their website or give them a call (207) 846-0757.

Whitten Hill Studio
Working with Steve from Whitten Hill Studios was a real treat. The tree sculpture that Steve created worked really well with the “Rooted From Maine” theme. Steve is a craftsman that loves making small and large objects from wood. Want to know a secret?! The table that sits on top of the tree sculpture is actually floating! The tree trunk is not holding it up at all, it was just for show! For more info on Steve, visit his website or give him a call (207) 590-0413

About Terrapin Landscapes
Founded by Mike Corsie with just a single truck and mower, our exceptional reputation for quality and timely service has helped us grow to expand our service area to much of Southern Coastal Maine. Our team is dedicated to using the latest materials and techniques to deliver beautiful results that will stand the test of time. Mike’s commitment to quality, is evident in the team of professionals currently employed with Terrapin Landscapes. If you’d like more information about Terrapin Landscapes please give us a call (207) 251-0558, we’d love to assist you!